I am a video maker, editor, photographer, and skilled musician. I am excited to do something that I know will change lives. I have always valued sentimental moments throughout life. I was not too fond of leaving special moments un-captured.

How It Started:

It all began with me and my camera, filming myself playing behind the drum set. I would record and practice for hours while documenting it by posting on Youtube. Later on, as I purchased my dream camera; I would film moments that were special to me. I would take those moments and turn them into a cinematic experience where I can cherish and relive those moments. These videos take hours of editing; however, the results last forever!

As I saw how I made others smile and even cry through my services, I realized that I wanted to take this hobby and turn it into a career. That's why I desire to film events in people's lives and turn them into breathtaking memories.

"When you invest in your vision, the outcome will be farther than great."

—Aislyn S.